Peam Mobility is a digital taxi company that use an app to bring affordable, predictable and convenient mobility solutions to the people. The company uses electric cabs only with all drivers employed by the company to ensure the most excellent service to customers. We are also an environmentally friendly company and our choice of electric cars is both to protect the environment and to offer affordability to all.

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About Peam Mobility

Peam Mobility is seeking to improve the digital taxi industry by addressing some of the gaps that exist in the industry. To start with, our cabs pick and drop customers everywhere without discrimination a problem prevalent in the other ride hailing apps which decline rides based on profitability of a trip.

Secondly, our drivers are company employees as compared with the competitor who are independent contractors. Our drivers are well-trained allowing them to offer superior customer service to customers.

We also offer long distance trips for very low cost with 2 hours free waiting and free return trips. Other apps decline long distant trips since they are not likely to get a return fare.

In addition, all our cars are large and electric enabling us to carry more passengers at less cost than all our competitors. While the competition offers their base ride with three passengers, we offer ours with four passengers. Peam Luxury offers luxury rides to people who prefer more elegant cars at a slightly higher fare. Customers get to reserve the specific car they prefer and fare depends on the model of the car they choose.

We also offer a service dubbed Peam 100 which is an estate services offered by electric micro cars. The service is offered for a maximum 5Km and the fare is fixed at ksh 100.

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Our Services


Peam Cabs

Our cars are clean, spacious and electric offering the lowest fare in the market.


  1. Our company drivers are trained to drive safely, politely and quietly.
  2. Our drivers will pick any customer no matter where they are and drop them anywhere as long as it is accessible and within 250 Km of Nairobi.
  3. Our cabs operate 24 hours with 2 shifts of 12 hours each ensuring our drivers are well rested to drive you safely.
  4. Our cabs are all spacious offering sufficient space for the customer to relax during the trip.
  5. We offer 4 passenger service at the cost others offer 3 passengers.
  6. Short distance trips of upto 50 KM are charged at Ksh 35 per KM with no base price.
  7. Customers can request for rides for out of town trips upto 250KM with low fares. These trips have free 2 hour waiting and free return trip. Fare for out of town trips is Ksh 30 per KM. Extra waiting time is charged at Ksh 500 per hour. Overnight trips attract a further Ksh 5,000 per night.
  8. Payments are made on the app or to our paybill number.
  9. A person can reserve a trip to advance for added convenience.
  10. We are also have vans and buses for large groups at very low fares suitable both for short trips and long distance.

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Meet Our Dedicated Team


Peter has over 19 years experience starting and running various businesses in sectors ranging from hospitality, training, consultancy, tech and finance.
You can read more on his exploits on linked in below:

Amos is a seasoned entrepreneur who has run multiple businesses over a decade. Currently running a manufacturing company in the building sector employing more than 200 employees. His company has a fleet of more than 30 trucks and his logistics expertise will serve Peam well in its growth.